EXQUISITEMAD® Ceramic Coating  Package & Pricing 

EXQUISITEMAD  ® The   EXQUISITEMAD auto detailing Package ,Caters to  Exotic, Luxury, Classic, Antique, Concours, Show Car, Show Truck, Enthustiast, Collectors, Museums, Brokers, Dealerships, Auctions, who are looking for the level of car care only seen at concours events. 
 The EXQUISITEMAD® auto detailing Package Destin, 30a, Sandestin, Miramar beach, Pensacola, Tampa, St Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, Ft Myers, New Orleans, Northshore, Hammond, Covington, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, Jackson, Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Nashville, Ocala, Clearwater,  Sarasota, Atlanta and surrounding areas

EXQUISITEMAD® utilizes proprietary methods to approach each car with a goal of both beautification and preservation. EXQUISITEMAD ® is able to clean and beautify surfaces such as original lacquer paint found on antique automobiles, to modern paint systems found on modern cars, exotic cars and luxury cars. Other materials such Carbon Fiber, Wood, 24kt Gold Leaf, Ivory, Pearl, and Metals such as Nickel are addressed with a specific approach to each material. These materials are not addressed with a typical “detailing” methods or products. 

EXQUISITEMAD® Ceramic Coating Pricing


$ 1,300 .00

Ceramic Coating Price

$ 1,700 .00

Ceramic Coating Price

$ 2,000 .00

Ceramic Coating installation with the convenance of the service provided at your location.

No gimmicks, sales pitches just ceramic coating flat rates for cars, pick up trucks, and suv and no hidden secrets and the process is explained in full. Results are not typical and ceramic coatings can and will sustain swirl marks, they are not scratch proof, chip proof and they are susceptible to water spots and chemical damage. Ceramic Coatings are more durable than a wax but they are not indestructible and require specific care in order to ensure you get the most out of your coating.


The automobile exterior is first washed with soap and water, and in this stage any tree sap, small tar deposits are removed from the surface. After washing the automobile exterior is then clay barred.  

paint correction aka buff / polish

Car paint is first compounded to remove as many surface swirls and imperfections as possible then polished to leave the best brilliant shine as possible.

ceramic application 

The ceramic Coating is applied on the paintwork in cross hatch pattern in a small area at a time, then removed with a micro fiber towel. Surface is then inspected for high spots and streaks

cure time

Cure time averages 12 hours after application 



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