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Headlight Restoration

In todays blog we are talking about headlight restoration and what to use to get the optimal results in the quickest time. First we must look at can a headlight be restored if the surface is hazy, dull or oxidized then yes your head lights can be restored. If you headlights are crazing which means your plastic is degrading from the inside out causing internal cracks or giving a shattered appearance then they can not be restored. Kits are sold online and in retail stores that can bring your headlights back to life they normally consist of sand paper, polish and sealer. You can also buy a compound and apply it to the headlights first to see if can bring back clarity without buying a headlight restoration kit.

How To Shine Your Tires Without Sling

The easiest way to shine your tire sis with automotive tire shine product but first you must prepare the tire before applying the dressing in order for the tire shine to not sling. While washing the car in the shade with a car soap following the product manufacture directions you then want to wash the tires with a automotive all purpose cleaner aka APC. Do NOT wash you car body or wheels when they are hot always wash your car when it is cool to the touch. After washing and rinsing your tires with the APC wait until your tires are completely dry then apply apply your tire dressing sparingly only enough to cover the surface of the tire side wall. Always follow product manufacture directions