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For Over 7 Years EXQUISITEMAD has provided specialized boutique detailing services for exotic & classic cars.

Verified Experience through video documentation publicly available on our YouTube.

EXQUISITEMAD has provided boutique auto detailing services to affluent clients including multiple Sheikh from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, professional athletes, recording artist, private collectors, museums, brokers, curators, film production companies and more. Our portfolio ranges over 10 years all documented on our YouTube channel. EXQUISITE Mobile Auto & Aviation Detailing EXQUISITEMAD offers two different levels of service, of which one is for extremally rare, limited run models and services for automobiles of historical significance. 


EXQUISITEMAD Detailing offers the art of preservation of paintwork, leather, taxidermy, ivory, teak, precious metals, woodwork, brightwork, and more.

Mercedes SLR McLaren  
Bugatti Veyron 
1936 Mercedes Benz 540k Special Roadster 
1956 Cadillac 


Since the inception of Exquisite Mobile Automotive & Aviation Detailing EXQUISITEMAD LLC, the company has proved itself in providing detailing from the stand point of preservation and beautification of the finest examples of automotive history. 

Porsche Speedster 
1952 Ford Thunderbird
Lamborghini Aventador Mansory Edition
Pur Sang Race Car with 24kt Gold Leaf